What Hotels To Stay In When Moving To San Francisco

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Moving to a different city can be quite daunting for any person. Thus, it is important to experience as much comfort and familiarity as possible when the transition is made. If the city of San Francisco is the location of your new home, the move can be made easier by staying in the right hotel.

The hotels in San Francisco are known for their ability to retain the old-world charm of Victorian design while bed and breakfastproviding the edge of California conveniences. For those who are looking at what hotel to stay in when moving to San Francisco, a cozy bed and breakfast can be the perfect option. It can provide you with an intimate haven as you make the necessary preparations for settling down into a new home.

By choosing to stay in a bed and breakfast close to the landmarks of San Francisco, it can be easier for you to understand and develop the lifestyle of the city. This is why the Marina Inn is a popular choice. Located in the heart of the Marina District, the hotel has been a landmark since 1924. Aside from the complimentary breakfasts and warm ambiance, people are drawn to this particular place because of its surroundings. Stepping outside the Marina Inn opens up views of Victorian architecture and churchyard gardens.

Another option for those who are wondering what hotels to stay in when their belonging are still with the long distance moving company on the way to San Francisco is the White Swan Inn in Nob Hill. With only 26 rooms, it is purposefully small to provide a sanctuary from the bustle of city life. The English theme of the White Swan Inn can easily be discerned from the rich, dark wood panels of the walls down to the thick and luxurious carpets that cover the floor. The European architecture is capped off by the fireplace that is lit up on some nights for the benefit of its guests.

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For those who want to experience what downtown San Francisco is like, there is the Inn at Union Square. It is located right at the heart of the city’s shopping and theater destination. Guests at this particular hotel can jump into the San Francisco lifestyle by catching a show in this area or even shopping at the many department stores located nearby. Macy’s, Tiffany’s, and Bloomingdale’s are only some of the shops that new settlers in the city can visit to blend right in.
At the end of the day, guests can return to experience the world-class amenities of the Inn at Union Square. They can even invite friends and acquaintances for a small gathering in one of the parlors of the hotel for some wine and hors d’oeuvres. With such a backdrop, it is easy to build new relationships.
A bed and breakfast is a good idea when looking at what hotels to stay in when moving to San Francisco because its personal atmosphere can make the transition seem less intimidating.